Family and friends commissions,

I’ve decided to take a whack at doing a few commissions.  I’ve never done this before, so I want to do this carefully so that both you and I are happy with the process.

I am only going to charge for materials.  This will be a set cost of about $100 - $150 dollars (plus shipping if necessary), depending on the size and subject of the painting. If you like the painting, I would ask that you make a donation in an amount you see fit.  Suggested charities include Environmental Defense Action Fund, Sierra Club, Breast Cancer Research Foundation,  Animal Welfare Institute, but feel free to pick one that you like.  

As this is an experiment, I ask that you be flexible and provide honest feedback about the process and the result so that I can do this better.

Expect that, once we agree to do a painting, there is going to be a period of ideation and discussion about the content and perhaps a photo session or two. If we are doing this from a distance, photo’s of appropriate quality may be fine.

The painting itself may take a month or longer to complete, depending on the painting and my schedule.

I’ve received requests for commissions in the past that I had to turn down.  If you made a request before and are still interested I will prioritize you over others should there be enough interest that I need to be selective. 

So, if you are a family member or friend (maybe even a friend of a friend) and are interested in talking about a commissioned painting, let me know and we can chat. Happy to answer any questions.